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A message from J. Russell Armstrong, CFP®

Welcome to the AIS Financial website. I encourage you to take a look around, explore the site, and experience the AIS Financial difference for yourself.

But first I wanted to take a moment to express my personal passion for and commitment to financial planning and investments.

In my spare time, I enjoy flying. It is truly a passion of mine. And sometimes the weather is less than favorable, but as a pilot, it is imperative for me to read and interpret forecasts and turbulence and to alter my course to ensure a safe trip to my final destination. One miscalculation or misstep can lead to a very unnerving flight for all those aboard.

Even though piloting is just a hobby of mine, it has an influence on my professional practice as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. I view myself as my clients’ financial pilot, and it is important to me to provide the type of advice and service that work to ease client fears. By taking a proactive approach to navigating the financial markets, it is my goal to provide a less turbulent journey to retirement and beyond.

No matter who is on board with me, it is my commitment to ensure a safe trip for all. In business, I take care of my clients, just as I would my own family. And it is important to me to build lasting, meaningful relationships with clients based on honesty, trust, and integrity.

It is my commitment that I will chart the best flight path for you and your family and do whatever I can to provide you a “smooth landing” at your financial destination. It would be my honor to work with you. Together we can reach new heights...


Russell Armstrong

Photograph courtesy of Tadd Myers -