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Track Your Plan

Financial planning is a dynamic process. It is a good idea to periodically re-evaluate your investment strategy as your goals, investment horizon, and personal situation change. Goals may change over the years due to changes in lifestyle or circumstances, such as an inheritance, marriage, birth, house purchase, or change of job status. Revisit and revise a financial plan as time goes by to help stay on track to work towards your long-term goals.

Not only do we encourage clients to meet with us at least annually, we like for clients to be fully engaged in their financial plan and track their progress between visits. With each financial plan we create, our clients have access to a wealth tracking program called WealthVisionSM powered by eMoney.

WealthVisionSM turns the traditional financial plan of the past into a “living and breathing” financial plan. Clients can log in to their own personal WealthVisionSM site that can securely retrieve the values of financial accounts at other financial institutions. With this capability, WealthVisionSM helps create a more accurate and up-to-date balance sheet to help clients gauge their progress.

By organizing their financial house in a centralized, private, and secure location, clients can gain a clearer perspective on their financial situation, which gives clients the confidence they need to make informed financial decisions that won’t derail their entire financial plan.

View the video below to learn more about WealthVisionSM.