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Retirement Planning

Learn how to plan for retirement. It’s never too late to rethink your retirement strategies. At AIS Financial, we can help you put together a personalized strategy at any phase.

Where are you today?

Accumulation Phase – Start saving for retirement

Younger investors are focused on accumulation. That is building up wealth through employment income and investing. Their typical goals include saving for a home or child’s education. These young adults can often afford to take on a higher level of risk in pursuit of high potential return because of their long time horizon.

Consolidation Phase – Refining your retirement strategy

Employment income is beginning to peak and expenses are often beginning to decline. Net worth may rise sharply as home equity and retirement plan assets increase. Even though retirement still may be 10 to 15 years away, this phase is still important. Investing for the future remains a major priority, and proper planning is more imperative than ever.

Pre-Transition Phase – Getting ready for retirement

These years are critical. You begin to ask questions like, “When exactly will I retire?, Which accounts will I use and when?, How much will I need to withdraw?” In this phase, you begin charting out exactly which options, resources, and strategies you’ll need to take advantage of in the near future.

Income Phase – Living in Retirement

It’s time to make the transition. As investors retire, they enter an income phase and will look to their investments to help fund their retirement. At first, adjusting to this new phase may be difficult because you’ve worked hard all of your adult life. Investors near the age of retirement typically seek to reduce their investment risk, even if that means lower expected returns.