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Passive and Active Investing

In today’s markets, we believe it is important to take an active approach to wealth management. We break from the traditional investing strategy of “Buy and Hold” of most advisors and turn to a more tactical approach. Over the years economies and markets have changed, and as a result, “Buy and Hold” as morphed into “Buy, Hold, and Hope.” Investors are typically encouraged to “ride out the storm” when markets decline and hope they have enough time to ride it back up to where they started.

We believe clients should not be concerned or worried with market trends, fluctuations, or downturns. They should be confident that there is an exit strategy in place. Why “ride out the storm” when you can go on vacation until the storm is over?

At AIS Financial in our managed accounts*, our primary goal is to protect investment principal against significant capital loss and market drawdown. Our second goal is to participate in potential market and sector upswings. Clients invest in our evolving portfolio of investments assembled together to preserve and build their wealth.

The recent turmoil in the global markets exemplifies the importance of diligent risk management. Individual investors do not have infinite time horizons to recoup losses from taking excessive risks. This is why our first goal is to protect the downside.

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*Minimum investment for our managed accounts is $200,000.